What is viscose? And why do we use it at ZOEY?

At ZOEY we use a wide palette of different textiles and natural material. Including viscose. The next section we will inform you about viscose and why they are so good to be wearing especially when the days get hotter.




Viscose isn’t heat insulating. It is a super soft material which is breathable, comfortable, and beautiful. It’s highly absorbent and feels light on the skin. Because of viscose’s great features it is used a lot in the summer when the weather is hot, and you wish to wear clothes that’s light and breathable. We have chosen to use visocse in multiple products like dresses, t-shirs and tops. Below you can see our favorite styles which is 100% viscose.

 Armani tunic 100% viscose 


Well, how do you take care of your visocse clothes when washing it? It is super important that you always follow the washing recommendation. Viscose can shrink if not washed properly. You can either hand wash or machine wash your viscose clothes. A good idea might be to turn the clothes inside out in machine wash and when hand washing leave the clothes to soak for some time to gain best result.


We hope you learned a bit more about viscose, so that it will be easier to choose clothes in the future.