What is linen? And why do we use it?

At ZOEY we use a wide palette of different textiles and natural material. Including  linen. The next section we will inform you about the textile and why it's so good to be wearing especially when the days get colder.





Linen is an airy material which is temperature regulating. Linen gives a sense of comfort and ease. It absorbs and releases humidity faster than any other textile. In the summer the fabric is wonderful, chilling and light to wear, and in the winter it warms. We have chosen to make a whole series with linen because linen has a many great features which make linen wearable all year around. Below you can see our favorite styles with 100% linen.



Linen is a bit easier to handle than viscose. When washing linen first time it’s recommended to wash linen alone only with detergent without bleach and optical white. After that, you can easily wash linen with the rest of your laundry in similar colors and washing recommendation. Before drying linen, it is a good idea to stretch and smooth while it is damp.


We hope you learned a bit more about the two fabrics, viscose and linen, so that it will be easier to choose clothes in the future.