At ZOEY we are motivated by our mission to give the opportunity for everybody to get just what suits their different shapes. To make every woman feel and look her best.

Fashion has no size

We believe that ‘Fashion has no size’ and that fashion must be accessible to everyone regardless of figure, age, size or curves. The woman who defines herself as plus-size is entitled to wear exactly what she wants! - Quote Trine Vinther, CEO


We always prioritise comfort and fit with stretchable qualities and flattering cuts. We know that the differences in people are just as many as the differences in bodies and that our size or curves doesn’t define us.




"ZOEY is my third baby - keeping me up at night and making me smile more than anything else."
Emilie <br>Design & Marketing Manager

Design & Marketing Manager

"I like working together towards a common goal. It is so rewarding when the hole team steps up and we all chip in. Especially in the busy periods."
PIA<br>Head of Sales in Denmark

Head of Sales in Denmark

"I consider ZOEY as my second family - that is actually quite amazing for a workplace."
Nina<br>Head of internationale sales & E-commerce

Head of internationale sales & E-commerce

"I love having a part to play in processes from design to costumer interaction. It is so valuable for me to know what's going on."
PATRICIA<br>SOME Manager & Graphic Designer

SOME Manager & Graphic Designer

"I really love being a part of a small team. We complement each other in skills and work very well across the team."
JULIE<br>Facility Manager

Facility Manager

"I love the diversity of my tasks. There are never two days alike."
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